Curran’s Orchard grows luscious fruit sprayed with 1/3 of the typical amount of chemicals.

Growing apples this way is a difficult task, but we think that the challenge is worth it. Our goal is to provide you with pure, delicious, worry-free fruit without a lot of chemicals!

We know that you will enjoy eating freshly picked apples without having to wash them first. Come and enjoy the Fall season at Curran’s Orchard!

What’s Growing in Curran’s Orchard

Name Description Season starts
Red Delicious Apples A classic known for its mild, sweet flavor and long storage life Sept – Oct
Zestar Crisp, juicy flavor similar to Honey Crisp but ripens one week earlier. Early Sept
Honey Crisp Crunchy, mildly aromatic and juicy. Excellent for eating fresh, stores well. Early Sept
Gala Sweet, aromatic, flavorful Early Sept
McIntosh Good for eating fresh, as a dessert apple, or cooking. Excellent for apple sauces. Early Sept
Cortland Mild, white-fleshed apple that is great for eating fresh, cooking, and apple sauces. Mid-Sept
Empire A cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious. Great for eating fresh. Mid-Sept
Jonathan Moderately tart, distinctive flavor. Good fresh, baked, or for applesauce Mid-Sept
Yellow Delicious America’s favorite snacking apples! Early Oct
Jonagold A cross between Jonathan and Gold Delicious. Excellent for eating fresh. Early Oct
Northern Spy A distinctively aromatic sweet/tart taste (our favorite cooking apple) Early Oct
Snowsweet Crisp with excellent flavor – great for eating fresh early Oct
Rome Beauty Primarily a cooking apple. Excellent for pies and baked apples. mid-Oct
Blushing Gold A spicy tasting apple relative of the Golden Delicious – great for eating fresh mid-Oct
Fuji Exceptionally crisp and juicy with a delightful aroma. An excellent apple for eating fresh. mid-Oct
Suncrisp sweet, spicy flavor – great for eating fresh. Stores well. late-Oct
Granny Smith Rich tart flavor and tender skin. Excellent for baking, salads, or eating fresh. late-Oct
Raspberries Pick your own luscious red raspberries Late August till first hard frost
Tart cherries Pick your own tart cherries Late June- early July